Augerton High Impact Whipper Snipper Bump Feed Head


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High Impact Whipper Snipper Bump Feed Head

Impact absorbing outer rim – Impact resistant – Line included – RRP $59.99

Essential Tool for the Landscaper Gardener, Mowing Contractor or Home Maintanence. The Impact absorbing outer rim makes other heads seem outdated. Line is easily refillable with this solid deisgned whipper snipper bump feed head.  Standard 10 x 1.25 L/H Thread fiting. Steel lined runneres. With our $15.00 shipping cap, grabbing 2 of these is highly recommended.

  • Impact absorbing outer rim
  • Twin alloy lined runners
  • Standard 10 x 1.25 L.H Thread fitting – Compatible with most brand brush cutters and Whipper Snippers 
  • Prefilled with line

  • Whipper Snippering and Grass Cutting
  • Clearing of light bushes, long grass and weeds
  • Suited for professional contractor and DIY use

  • 1 Impact absorbing Bump Feed Head
  • Line prewound

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm


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