Augerton Jack Hammer Chisel 4 Pack


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Jack Hammer Ultimate Chisel 4 pack

Includes a 30mm Flat, 50mm Flat, Moil Point and Conduit trench U chisel

A mutlipurpose chisel pack in a handy blow moulded case to organise and protect your chisels. The moil point chisel is only chisel you need for breaking up concete, rocks and stone. The point hammers into the substrate and gets deeper until it eventually cracks your jobsite apart ready for removal. Second to the pointed chisel, the 30mm flat and 50mm flat chisels gets underneath your workpiece to chip it away and allow you to keep going further down. These chisels can be easily resharpened and turns rocks and shale into pebbles. The skinnier 30mm chisels suite tougher rock and stone whilst the 50mm flat chisel is suited for softer rock such as shale. The addition of the U chisel makes this package complete. Perfect for trenching U channels thorugh concrete slabs to run Conduit for kitchen inland benches or anywhere you need power run the same level as your concrete slab.

  • Extra Thick chisel heads – Easily resharpened over and over
  • 30mm hex fitting
  • Compatible with Hitachi, Makita, Baumr Ag Electric Hammers, Ozito, TWM, Millers Falls 30mm Hex Head Jack Hammers
  • Comes with a handy blow moulded case, keeping your chisels from the elements and organised.
  • The 4 Chisels make up a handy set to suit most jack hammer chiselling applications.

  • Building, Construction, Demolition & Mining
  • Renovating, Stump Holes, Foundation trenches
  • General or Heavy Duty Digging, chiselling and rock breaking Operations

  • 1 30mm Flat Rock Breaking Chisel
  • 1 50mm Flat Rock Breaking Chisel
  • 1 Moil Point Chisel
  • 1 Conduit U Shape Chisel
  • 1 Blow moulded storage / carry case

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