EXTRA WIDE Jack Hammer Cranked Leveridge chisel 75mm


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  • Extra Thick Chisel / spade head thats pre-sharpened – Easily resharpened over and over
  • 30mm hex fitting
  • Compatible with Hitachi, Makita, Baumr Ag Electric Hammers, Ozito, TWM, Millers Falls  and all 30mm Hex Head Jack Hammers
  • Spade head an extra wide 75mm
  • 410mm overall
  • Unique 15 degree angled chisel head. Allows you to get underneath your tile or slab, jack hammer away and leveridge the work piece up, saving countless hours!
  • Turns your jack hammer into a monster power tile lifter.

  • Lifting Tiles. The tile chipper helps lift up tiles in larger sections with it’s 75m wide base and 15 degree angled head, reducing your workload time.
  • Heavy Duty thickened head, offering extended life in those tough applications.
  • Concrete slab edge overflow chipping.
  • Concrete slab cleaning after mortar / tile mortar (or mud) base
  • Levering concrete slab chunks after chipping
  • Building, Construction, Demolition & Mining
  • Tearing up Tiles, Pavers and Bitumen

  • 1  75mm Tile chipper / lifter Leveridge Chisel

This product is bought to you by Tradeline Tools Pty Ltd. Our products come with 12 months warranty from date of purchase. Tradeline Tools carry a full range of spare parts.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 12 × 5 cm


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