Augerton 110mm extra wide tile chipper chisel


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Jack Hammer Extra Wide Tile Chipping Chisel

410mm long extra wide 110mm Chisel Long with a 30mm Hex Drive

The 110 mm wide tile chipping chisel tears up tiles and pavers with ease. The extra wide chisel head alow you to get underneath the tiles and/or concreted pavers and lift them up in large chunks instead of using a standard 40mm flat chisel which tends to chip up the tiles/pavers in small pieces.  Its can reduce your job time by half.  Also handy for squaring out stump holes and trenches allowing you to get right in the corners. I have also personally used one of these to tear up bitumen and it tore out large chunks as if it was paper. Ad one to your jack hammer package or add one to your current chisels as I guarentee its a very worthwile addition.

  • Extra Thick Chisel / spade head thats pre-sharpened – Easily resharpened over and over
  • 30mm hex fitting
  • Compatible with Hitachi, Makita, Baumr Ag Electric Hammers, Ozito, TWM, Millers Falls 30mm Hex Head Jack Hammers
  • Spade head an extra wide 110mm
  • 410mm overall.

  • Building, Construction, Demolition & Mining
  • Tearing up Tiles, Pavers and Bitumen
  • Tree Planting, Stump Holes, Foundation trenches
  • General or Heavy Duty Digging Operations

  • 1  110mm Exta Wide Tile Chipping Chisel

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Dimensions 45 × 12 × 5 cm


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