Single Augers

Augerton brand Augers are made with not only twin blades, but twin spirals. Most similar brand augers use a single spiral (or spine) and then weld the second blade to the end of the Auger, resulting in a weaker, inferior digging auger drill. Augerton use a second full length spiral for the second blade giving ultimate performance and maximum soil/clay removal with two spirals pushing material up and out the auger. Industrial quailty augers at factory direct prices.

Whether it’s digging for fence posts or foundation stump holes, industrial-grade Augers can make the job faster and easier.

But industrial-quality tools should not be expensive. That’s why here at Tradeline Tools, we have the specialist tools available up to 80% below retail. Our factory direct prices and commitment to quality make all the difference in our approach.

The augers are suitable for many major and minor brand post hole diggers. Aside from digging for fence posts and foundation stump holes, professional contractors and DIYers also use these for tree planting, plumbing, retaining walls, construction and ground leak testing.

The “New Design Twin Blade” brings out the ultimate performance. The two spirals effectively push the material up and out the auger. This makes the job smoother so you can promptly complete each job. With Tungsten Carbide Blades, the auger will endure the toughest job applications through your next several projects. The blades are also tungsten carbide for increased performance and are also replaceable.

Aside from the auger’s performance, the proper selection is equally important. The tool you choose should match the specific job application so you could really get the most out of it. That’s why we have a technical team here who can assist you with the selection. We will study your requirements and recommend an appropriate choice.

We also understand the urgent requirement to have the auger as soon as possible, which is why we dispatch the orders lightning fast. We always have enough stocks so you can receive the tools you require for your job application. You can also schedule an immediate pickup at our site (phone us at 03 9497 9799).

As a professional contractor or DIYer, you know how important it is to have the best tools. It’s especially the case where you do the job regularly. The best tools could drastically improve your productivity through the months and succeeding projects.

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Showing all 3 results