SDS Max Chisels & Spades

Looking for chisels and spades specifically designed for tough applications?

Here at Tradeline Tools we have SDS Max Chisels and Spades that can withstand tough jobs. And yes, these chisels and spades can cut down your job time.

Whether it’s for chipping concrete, slate or rock, the job will get faster and easier because of our tools’ heavy-duty design. Designed for maximum strength and long life, you will get a high ROI from our chisels.

Whether it’s for construction, mining and demolition, the spades we have here can withstand the toughest job applications. For both general and heavy-duty digging, the spades never disappoint.

Another reason professional contractors and DIYers go here is that we offer factory prices. You can get the supplies up to 80% below retail. The manufacturer focuses on producing the best tools while our team focuses on providing top-notch technical service. Our technical team will assist you with the selection and inform you of our comprehensive warranties.

We go beyond providing the best products. We work hand in hand with the professional contractors and DIYers so they can select the best tools specific for the job application. This way, our customers can get the best value out of each purchase.

As a specialist tool supplier, our goal is to provide the best tools at the best prices. Combine that with our team’s technical knowledge and you ensure you’re making the right choice. We understand how important it is to have the best tools during a heavy-duty task. If we can somehow make the job a bit faster with the use of our tools, we’ll be more than happy.

To make our customers’ lives a bit more convenient, we also offer free delivery Australia wide. We also understand how urgent it is to have the supplies required, which is why customers can also do an immediate pickup (phone us at 03 9497 9799 to set a schedule).

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Showing all 3 results