Diamond Cup Wheels

Grinding abrasive building materials such as concrete, marble and granite can be tough and time-consuming. For these tough applications, what you need are tough Diamond Cup Wheels that will save you time and give you the best value out of your money.

Whether you’re a tradesman, a professional or a DIY home renovator, the job is always tough if you only have second-rate tools. If these tools fail you, the interruption and downtime can be both costly and annoying.

That’s why many customers choose us here at Tradeline Tools. We are a specialist tool supplier that provides the best-quality tools and supplies at the best prices (up to 80% below retail). We only stock the most appropriate supplies under the best brands (e.g. Bordo, Augerton, Billeton) so you can be sure of quality. Our affordable prices are possible because we’ve built a strong relationship with reputable manufacturers.

There are different diamond grinding cup wheels and each one is designed for a specific application. This way, the wheel can better endure the tough surface while also helping you finish the job on time. However, making the right choice can be confusing or difficult.

That’s why we have technical staff members here who can provide you with competent advice and recommendations (phone us today at 03 9497 9799). Whether it’s for a tough job (e.g. grinding concrete or stone) or a quick application (removal of paints and other surface coatings), our technical staff can recommend an appropriate diamond cup wheel for you.

Different diamond qualities, bonding and concentrations make it a challenge to choose the right cup wheel. For instance, the bond should be softer for applications where the material to be ground is hard. For fine grinding or polishing, the bond should be harder. These are the important nuances to be considered if you want to get the best results from your job.

Our technical staff will be glad to assist you with the proper selection. We go beyond being a supplier. Through the years we’ve also become the trusted advisor of tradesmen and DIYers when it comes to the supplies they need to complete their tough jobs.

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Showing all 9 results