Diamond Blades

In search for affordable and quality Diamond Blades that match the job application? Here at Tradeline Tools we have a wide range of specialist tools and products ideal for cutting stone, concrete, asphalt, block, brick and other materials.

Whether it’s for demolition, mining or heavy duty masonry cuts, we have blades that have a much harder metal bond (strong abrasion resistance). We also offer these at affordable prices because we source directly from the most reputable manufacturers such as Bordo and Augerton.

Aside from delivering quality and affordable tools (you can pick it up immediately or we’ll deliver it to you we also provide expert advice so you can select the Diamond Blade best for your job application. We understand that matching the blade with the application and equipment is crucial to maximising the blade’s life. Augerton Blades provide amazing value for money per cut whilst the Bordo range suit specific materials / applications such as asphalt cutting.

If the tools are used according to instructions, we offer a 12-month domestic use warranty that will give you peace of mind. We also offer free delivery Australia wide so you get better value out of your investment.
As a reputable specialist tool supplier, our customer base already includes experienced tradesmen including, brick layers, pavers, landscapers, hire companies and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who only want the best tools for their projects.

Call us today at 03 9497 9799 if you require affordable Diamond Blades that suit your application. Our technical staff can provide you with excellent recommendations We can deliver it to you or you can arrange a pickup in our Melbourne location.

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Showing all 8 results