Demolition Jack Hammer

Need a quality and affordable demolition jack hammer for your DIY or professional project? Here at Tradeline Tools we have affordable specialist tools (discounts up to 80% below retail). You can now order online and we’ll deliver it to you 1 or 2 business days of clear payment.
How can we offer such an amazing deal? We source directly from reputable manufacturers and pass on the savings to you. Aside from savings, it’s guaranteed that you’re only getting high-quality tools from us because of our strong relationships with manufacturers.

We also offer Free delivery (Australia wide) and a 12-month domestic use warranty. If the product doesn’t perform as described (usage instructions should be followed), the warranty can cover that and give you peace of mind.
Our product range includes:
● Augerton 1700w Demolition Jack Hammer with 2 chisels
● Augerton 1700w Jack Hammer with 2 Chisels & Clay Spade & Tile Chipper
● Augerton 1700w Jack Hammer with 2 Chisel, Clay Spade and Star Picket Driver
● Augerton 1700w Jack Hammer with 2 chisels, Tile Chipper and Star Picket Driver

We can offer you expert technical assistance in your choice of supplies. We have a working knowledge of all the products we sell so we can better advise our clients.
You can call us today at 03 9497 9799 if you have any enquiry about our warranty, affordable tools, delivery and special deals (monthly specials for some purchases). If you need the demolition jack hammer right away (can’t wait for the delivery), Melbourne pickup is also available. Just phone us at 03 9497 9799 so we can make an arrangement (we can do it during or after business hours).

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