Bordo Holesaws

Holesaws provide better efficiency than conventional drill bits. With very little of the material being removed is actually cut, this then results to a lower power requirement.

However, you might not make the most out of that advantage unless you’re making the right choice. Whether it’s for cutting holes in steel, brass, aluminium, cast iron, plastic or wood, you require premium-quality holesaws that will get the job done cleanly and efficiently.

Here at Tradeline Tools, we have Bordo Holesaws appropriate for different applications such as in plumbing, construction, electrical, aircraft and automotive. Our top-quality and affordable holesaws (up to 80% off retail) can be used for cutting holes in a wide variety of materials.

But purchasing individual holesaws is a pain even among experienced tradesmen. That’s why to make the job a lot easier, we have a complete holesaw kit that includes products of different sizes (from 16mm to 89mm). These are all designed and manufactured to ensure smooth cuts and less vibration. In addition, the shock-resistant teeth allows for quick cuts, which literally reduces your job time.

It’s important for tradesmen to have the best set of tools whenever they’re handling a project. It’s especially the case with tough applications such as cutting holes in steel or brass. It’s a similar case in cutting holes in soft materials such as plastic and wood. Yes, skill and expertise are important in handling this kind of job. But the best tools and supplies can make the job a lot easier and faster.

Tradeline Tools is also committed to delivering the best prices (with free delivery Australia wide). We source directly from the manufacturers to ensure affordability and quality. As a result, we can specialise in providing superior customer service and technical support. Our technical staff will be your trusted advisor when it comes to choosing the right supplies for your job application.

For your peace of mind (and so you can get the best value), we also offer a 12-month warranty in all our products. In addition, Tradeline Tools always carries a full range of spare parts so you can always find what you’re looking for and continue on with your job right away.

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